Power BI Expert Course Class Topics

Part-1 Power Query

Class: 1

  • Power Query Overview
  • Import Data in Power Query
  • Data Clean in Power Query

Class: 2

  • Appending Tables Manually
  • Append All Files in a Folder
  • Merging Tables
  • Conditional Logic
  • Data Transformation

Part-2 Power BI


  • Power BI Introduction
  • Why we use power BI
  • PBI Interface
  • Connect PBI with data source

Class-5: Getting Data

  • Getting Data
  • Databases
  • Getting Data from Databases Using Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Getting Data from Databases (Excel)
  • Demo: Getting Data from Files Using Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Getting Data from Files Using Excel
  • Web and Other Sources
  • Demo: Getting Data from the Web
  • Manual Entry

Class_06: Transforming Data

  • Renaming Queries
  • Demo: Renaming Queries
  • Combining Queries: Append
  • Demo: Appending Queries Using Power BI
  • Demo: Appending Queries Using Excel
  • Fixing Metadata
  • Demo: Fixing Metadata Using Power BI
  • Demo: Fixing Metadata (Excel)
  • Filtering Rows
  • Demo: Filtering Rows
  • Eliminating Columns
  • Demo: Eliminating Columns

Class 7: Data Relationship

  • Creating Relationships
  • Demo: Creating Relationships Using Power BI Desktop 6m
  • Demo: Creating Relationships Using Excel
  • Defining New Columns
  • Concatenating Columns
  • Demo: Concatenating Columns Using Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Concatenating Columns Using Excel
  • Performing a Look up to a Related Table
  • Demo: Using the Related Function
  • Translating a Value
  • Demo: Using the If Function

Class 8: Enhancing the Data Model

  • Defining Hierarchies
  • Demo: Defining Hierarchies in Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Defining Hierarchies in Excel
  • Configuring Properties
  • Demo: Configuring Properties in Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Configuring Properties in Excel
  • Demo: Configuring Properties: Data Categories
  • Demo: Configuring Properties: Formatting & Default Summarization
  • Defining New Measures
  • Demo: Defining Customer Count & Pct of Total Customers
  • Demo: Defining Total Sales & Previous Year Sales
  • Summary

Class_09: Visualizing Data

  • Adding Visuals
  • Demo: Adding a Table, Clustered Column Chart, & Bar Chart
  • Demo: Adding a Map, Card, and Matrix
  • Demo: Adding a New Page, Column Chart, Filled Map, and KPI
  • Demo: Adding Visuals Using Excel
  • Filtering
  • Demo: Filtering In Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Filtering in Excel Power View
  • Slicer Filtering
  • Demo: Slicer Filtering in Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Slicer Filtering in Excel Power View
  • Highlighting
  • Demo: Highlighting
  • Setting Properties
  • Demo: Setting Properties in Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Setting Properties in Excel Power View
  • Drilling Within a Hiearchy
  • Demo: Drilling in Power BI Desktop
  • Demo: Drilling in Excel Power View
  • Summary

Calss_10: Refreshing Data

  • Publishing Datasets
  • Demo: Publishing Datasets
  • Refreshing Imported Data
  • Using Power BI Gateway – Personal
  • Demo: Using Power BI Gateway – Personal
  • Demo: Scheduling Data Refresh
  • Understanding Power BI Gateway – Enterprise
  • Summary

Class-11 & 12

  • DAX language
  • Important DAX functions
  • Create project measure
  • Create dashboards

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