Microsoft Word Expert Course Class Topic

  1. Introduction of word
  2. Customize ribbon in word- Create your own tab
  3. Home Tap Font Group
  4. Home Tap: Advance Font, Clipboard Group
  5. MS Word Paragraph Group
  6. Create Page Cover in Word
  7. Create and Design Table
  8. Insert and Format Picture
  9. Draw Shape, Insert Chart & Smart art
  10. Header and Footer in Word
  11. Insert Symbol and object
  12. Design Tab in word
  13. Page layout tab in word
  14. MS Word page formatting
  15. References tab in word
  16. Mailings tab in word
  17. Make 1000+ pay slip
  18. Envelope-Levels Details
  19. Review tab in word
  20. View tab and file menu in word
  21. Option settings in word
  22. Mail merge with excel data in word
  23. Create Resume in word
  24. Create letter in Word
  25. Formatting forms
  26. Controls-rich-plain text
  27. Combo box-drop down list
  28. Date picker-check box control
  29. Repeat Control-Picture Content Control
  30. Restricted editing-group in control
  31. Word template
  32. Realizing building blocks
  33. Creating and saving building blocks
  34. Developer control-building block
  35. Number to Word Add-ins
  36. And more…

Microsoft Word Expert Course Class Topic

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  1. Very good set up for training. You must develop your website both web and mobile friendly.

  2. Very important to learn and practice using this courses

  3. I follow our respectable brother Tanvir Rahman since 2018 and I learnt many things from his tutorial videos on YouTube. Very soon I will be enrolled in his office advanced course Insha Allah. I pray for him to Allah that he gives him the proper reward in this world and hereafter.

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