Create Influence Diagram in PowerPoint

This tutorial video shows how to create a useful Influence diagram in PowerPoint. It’s useful for business presentations to show concepts like cause and effect.

Here are the steps to create a useful influence diagram in PowerPoint: Add a Right Arrow from the auto shapes menu. Remove the outline. From the auto shapes menu, Block arrows section, add the Notched Right Arrow to the right of the previous arrow. Copy and paste a copy of the notched Arrow. Now right-click and go to the Properties of the new arrow ( In PowerPoint 2007, you can find this option in the Format Ribbon, Rotate, and More Rotation option.) Rotate the arrow by Minus 45 Degrees. Add another copy of the notched arrow and rotate it by Minus 90 Degrees and place it to the top of the Right Arrow. Make 2 more copies of the notched arrow and place each at 45 Degrees and 90 Degrees each. Place them evenly around the original right arrow. Add Wipe animation to create and complete the influence diagram.

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