How to Create a Gmail Signature with Images and Social Icons

This tutorial is about How to Create a Gmail Signature with Images, Social Icons & logos. If you don’t like reading this tutorial, you can work directly from the video link below and the website link provided below. A Professional Gmail Google Signature done in less than 5 minutes. The add signature option can be accessed in Gmail by clicking on the top right-hand side of the screen, on the settings cog. Then the signature can be created either in the Gmail settings window itself or separately in a Google Document. It is recommended that the signature be created in a Google document and then be pasted into the signature window in Gmail settings as there are a lot of formatting options in the google doc which helps the signature look more professional. Once the Signature is pasted the image or logo can be added, resized, and hyperlinked. After that, the signature defaults have to be changed to the new saved signature for sending new emails and replying to or forwarding other emails. The changes can be saved by scrolling down and clicking on save changes. This will enable the newly created signature to be appended at the bottom of all emails.

There are also some websites through which you can create beautiful signatures for your Gmail. I have explained the whole matter to you in the form of a video. The language of the video is Bengali but you can fully understand it by watching the video. I will also link to 4 websites here in total. Websites that allow you to create Gmail signatures with beautiful images.

1st Website:

2nd Werbsite:

3rd Website:

4th Website:

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